Week in the Life – Saturday

WITL - Saturday

1 November 2014

The story of Saturday is that is it a quiet day.

The only excitement today was that Jason was able to snag tickets for the Snowflake Express on December 6th, which is a train ride with treats and Santa. The girls have never been on a train, so I am looking forward watching them experience it for the first time.

Jason gets off work at 6:45 AM. When he works overtime, his Saturday is overnight Friday night, which means he needs to sleep during the day when he gets home. The girls and I need to be quiet so he can sleep, which is easier said than done.

The girls are pretty close in age, being only 16 months apart, but they are as different as night and day. Sometimes, Ella is gasoline to Sophie’s lit match and explosions occur, leaving every one charred and bruised. Most days, however, they get along just fine. Thank God, today was one of those days. They played well together, self-managed their volume and it was generally a pleasantly quiet day.

I did let the girls sort through their candy and had them lay it all out so I could snap a pic. Then the trading began. Ella has braces and can’t eat Starbursts, Skittles, Milk Duds (which is a travesty if you ask me) or Laffy Taffy. So they each pull out what they don’t want and exchange for something they do want. I was surprised at how well this went. I expected explosions and there were none.

The girls spent the afternoon ready, playing quietly, or watching movies while I worked on the last bit of pre-WITL PL that needed done. I was very proud of them for keeping quiet so Jason could get the rest he needs.

Dinner was hamburgers, potato salad, and fresh tomatoes, with ice cream for dessert.

Once the girls were in bed, Jason took a catnap while I began working on my WITL layouts. I have been spending massive amounts of time scrapbooking, but absolutely love the way it looks and the picture it gives of the life of the Family Holm.


Week in the Life – Friday

WITL - Friday

31 October 2014

The story of Friday is that it is a favorite day.

Knowing that I’d taken the day off work, I stayed up entirely too late the night before working to catch up on PL and planning out the remainder of the year. Although, to be honest, I am having a hard time sleeping since Jason is not home at night. I figure if I work myself to utter exhaustion, I will have a better chance to quieting the internal noise that keeps me awake.

Jason is the one who gets the girls ready for school each morning, so he let me sleep in for a bit until I needed to get up and ready for a doctor’s appointment. For once, I did not have to rush to make it on time. which is not the norm.

I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is a fancy way of saying my body attacks my thyroid and I have to have my TSH levels checked every six months so appropriate adjustments can be made to the medication I take every single day. My usual doctor was not in today, so I was attended to by her Nurse Practioner, Deborah Van Dyke, who was dressed up as Waldo. It was quite entertaining.

After the appointment, I spent more time working on PL, then picked up the girls so they could come home, have dinner (Jimmy John’s), and get ready for trick or treating. Ella’s fox face paint was way more complicated than it needed to be, which put us behind and we were late meeting up with Kyle, Chase and Charlie.

We don’t trick or treat in our own neighborhood. We just leave our lit jack o’ lanterns on the porch and head to Cedar Falls and the neighborhood Kyle and Lori used to live in. Most of the families have kids, so easily three quarters of the houses entertain Halloween revelers. It takes about an hour to work the block and the girls end up with massive amounts of candy. The adults chitchat along the way and a good time is had by all.

It was chilly when we started, but once the sun went down, it got down right cold. The kids basically ran from house to house, partly because they were excited, but mostly to keep themselves warm.

Once we are done trick or treating, we visit family – Jason’s mom and sister (newly home with baby Callum), Dayna’s parents, sister and niece, and aunt and uncle. It was fun to see the little ones in their Halloween costumes. Evie was an adorable pumpkin.

Halloween is my favorite holiday and it is always great to spend it with family and friends.

Week in the Life – Thursday

WITL - Thursday

30 October 2014

The story of Thursday is that it is an imperfect day.

First, we gutted three of the largest, heaviest pumpkins ever so that we could carve our Jack ‘o Lanterns for Halloween. Jason did most of the gutting, but he did make Ella and Sophie help. I love listening to them freak out about how squishy pumpkin innards are. The girls wanted rubber gloves, but we made them work without. All in all, they did pretty well.

As for Jack o’ Lantern designs, it seems we have left the traditional behind. Ella opted for Thor’s hammer; Sophie wanted Pikachu; and I decided to try my hand at Toothless. Jason did a pretty good job carving Pikachu, but struggled with Thor’s hammer. He kept cutting the wrong parts out, so he ended up adding part of Captain America’s shield and the Avenger’s “A” making it an Avenger’s pumpkin instead.

I, however, totally ROCKED Toothless. He turned out awesome! I was very pleased.

I was not so pleased with the company who fulfilled by lotion order for Amazon. What I ordered was not at all what I received and I ended up spending a good bit of time talking with Amazon customer service due to the error. I was unable to return it (even as an exchange) but Amazon did refund my money. I am sad through because I was really looking forward to my lotion – The Naked Bee Orange Blossom and Honey Hand Lotion. It smells divine.

Thursday is always bill pay night. Jason gets paid every Thursday, so I spend my night budgeting for the week and paying bills. I usually take this time to clean off my desk since it turns into a disaster area as the week progresses. It was nice to see the surface, if even for a short period of time.

Finally, I took some imperfect pics of my girls while they slept. The light is not good in their room, but I did the best I could and think the pics turned out okay.

Week in the Life – Wednesday

WITL - Wednesday

29 October 2014

The story of Wednesday is that it is a new day.

Today, we greeted a new member of our family. Kyle and Lori welcomed Callum Jerrel. He joins older brother, Chase and older sister, Charlie.

After school/work and dinner, we visited Mama and baby at the hospital. Ella and Sophie really enjoyed holding little Callum and requested lots of pictures to show their classmates at school.

I love being an auntie to my 6 nieces and nephews and I am glad that the girls have so many cousins. I hope they grow up and build lasting friendship with each other. Family is so very important.

Also today, I decided to start a new blog.

Truth be told, I’ve been toying with the idea for awhile, but wasn’t really convinced that I have much to say that hasn’t already been said, probably better than I could ever hope to. In the end, I decided that I really would like to have a space to share my PL and scrapbooking projects as well as have an outlet to share favorite quotes, books, movies and music. Thus Dayna Illuminated was born.

I am not sure what it will look like right now, but I have lots of ideas running through my head. I cannot wait to begin.

Week in the Life – Tuesday

WITL - Tuesday

28 October 2014

The story of Tuesday is that it is a typical day.

I do the same things over and over again. I wake up, usually late and hit snooze a few times. I take a shower, get dressed and put my make up on. I drive to work, stopping at Kwik Star for breakfast – either a mixed fruit parfait or a ham & cheese croissant and a can of Coke.

I get to work and clock in at 7:58 or 7:59 AM and work for 9 hours with 2- 15 minute breaks and an hour for lunch. I should walk around the atrium at work, but I usually check up on social media and the news via my iPhone.

At 5 PM, I leave work and drive to St. Ed to pick up the girls from daycare. We arrive home, where I cook dinner, we work on homework, Ella practices her clarinet and we may watch some TV (or Netflix), if time allows. The girls head upstairs for quiet time at 8:00 PM and lights out is at 8:30 PM. I can usually hear them talking until 9 PM.

Once the girls are in bed, I will do one of three things – scrapbook, read, or waste time on the Interwebs. I may watch TV, but that is atypical.

I should go to bed at 10 PM, but with Jason not at home at night, I don’t fall asleep until way after midnight.

Five days a week, this is my life. Occasionally something will happen to break the monotony.

Today, Marvel announced Phase Three.

Today, Ella was able to get her hands on the last book in the Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series, The Blood of Olympus.

Today, Ella and Sophie brought home their Fall 2014 school pics. My girls are growing up fast.

Today, I spent entirely too much time trying to take a really good selfie. I am not sure it is possible to take a really good selfie, but I now have one that will suffice.

Week in the Life – Monday

WITL - Monday

27 October 2014

The story of Monday is that it is a Monday.

The alarm went off at 6:30 AM and I woke up in pain. Roller skating two days before finally caught up with me. I hit snooze twice and was late getting into the shower, which set the tone for the entire day. I had a fight with my work bag, which stubbornly refused to allow me to put anything into it. However, I did manage to make it to work on time.

At work, it was a day of computer issues and general unhappiness with my job. I am in a new position, which is the old one I had. The company I work for is going through growing pains and my department was one that was cut. So I am back doing what I did before (with the hourly wage to go along with it). I am good at what I do, but I’ve come to accept that it really is just a job. It will never be a career. I am by nature a pretty loyal person, but I have grown disillusioned with the work I do and the people I work with. I really want to be doing something else with my life.

So the story of Monday is trying to understand why I am not doing something else with my life. When did I let go of the dreams I had for myself? When did I abandon my ambition and fearlessness? When did mediocrity become the norm? And why is that okay?

I always thought I could be more than I am. Why is that not how it is? How do I teach my girls to avoid the same trap? Because that is all I feel I can do now. It’s may be too late for me, but I am going to do my best to make damn sure Ella and Sophie become the very best versions of themselves.

I think it starts with being present. Not allowing distractions to keep me from connecting with my beautiful daughters on an intimate level. By showing them that they are truly and deeply loved for all that they are, flaws and all. And by helping them understand that their story matters. This is why I find the concept of Project Life so valuable. Our 2014 PL album is not only a visual reminder of our year, it is all of the small stories that make up who they are and who they will become.

One day Ella and Sophie will look back at this week and see pictures of themselves at 10 and 9 years old. Ella played clarinet in her first 5th grade band concert, Sophie had a book report due. Jason works third shift now, so we are able to eat dinner as a family each night. We watch football and the Voice together.

It may be the minutiae of life and they may scoff at Mama taking pictures all the time and shoving them in an album, but they will know they are loved.

Week in the Life – Sunday

WITL - Monday

26 October 2014

The story of Sunday is that it is a lazy day.

Melanie came down for the weekend with Ethan & Ian and they leave today, so this is the last hoorah before we have to say goodbye for awhile. That means the kids cram in as much play time as possible, while the adults eat, sleep, read and take turns feeding them and telling them to be quiet. The good thing is that they are old enough now that they are pretty much self-contained and little effort is required to keep them happy.

As always happens on the weekends, I woke up at 7:20 AM and could not get back to sleep. I spent some time reading on my iPhone, then catnapped until 11 AM. Since I had failed epically in achieving a shower on Saturday, that was the first order of business when I managed to crawl out of bed.

Melanie and I got the crazy idea to make homemade potato soup, which required a trip to the grocery store. The soup was amazing, especially when paired with bread from the Bosnian bakery. Mom and Dad came over to enjoy it with us and we spent some time catching up.

Jason headed to Urgent Care as he was pretty certain he has an ear infection. His self-diagnosis was correct and antibiotics were prescribed, along with a healthy dose of rest.

In the early afternoon, all our guests depart and it is just the Family Holm once again. Jason took a nap, Dayna worked on catching up on PL and the girls decided to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for what is easily the 20th or 30th time, but I can’t say for certain.

After a simple dinner of baked chicken and rice, we sat down as a family to watch the Saints demolish the Packers. Seriously, it was not pretty. Jason missed much of it though as he fell asleep cuddled up with Max.

The night ended early so everyone could get some much needed sleep. We never seem to get enough of it when we have company over, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.