Week in the Life – Thursday

WITL - Thursday

30 October 2014

The story of Thursday is that it is an imperfect day.

First, we gutted three of the largest, heaviest pumpkins ever so that we could carve our Jack ‘o Lanterns for Halloween. Jason did most of the gutting, but he did make Ella and Sophie help. I love listening to them freak out about how squishy pumpkin innards are. The girls wanted rubber gloves, but we made them work without. All in all, they did pretty well.

As for Jack o’ Lantern designs, it seems we have left the traditional behind. Ella opted for Thor’s hammer; Sophie wanted Pikachu; and I decided to try my hand at Toothless. Jason did a pretty good job carving Pikachu, but struggled with Thor’s hammer. He kept cutting the wrong parts out, so he ended up adding part of Captain America’s shield and the Avenger’s “A” making it an Avenger’s pumpkin instead.

I, however, totally ROCKED Toothless. He turned out awesome! I was very pleased.

I was not so pleased with the company who fulfilled by lotion order for Amazon. What I ordered was not at all what I received and I ended up spending a good bit of time talking with Amazon customer service due to the error. I was unable to return it (even as an exchange) but Amazon did refund my money. I am sad through because I was really looking forward to my lotion – The Naked Bee Orange Blossom and Honey Hand Lotion. It smells divine.

Thursday is always bill pay night. Jason gets paid every Thursday, so I spend my night budgeting for the week and paying bills. I usually take this time to clean off my desk since it turns into a disaster area as the week progresses. It was nice to see the surface, if even for a short period of time.

Finally, I took some imperfect pics of my girls while they slept. The light is not good in their room, but I did the best I could and think the pics turned out okay.


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