Week in the Life – Friday

WITL - Friday

31 October 2014

The story of Friday is that it is a favorite day.

Knowing that I’d taken the day off work, I stayed up entirely too late the night before working to catch up on PL and planning out the remainder of the year. Although, to be honest, I am having a hard time sleeping since Jason is not home at night. I figure if I work myself to utter exhaustion, I will have a better chance to quieting the internal noise that keeps me awake.

Jason is the one who gets the girls ready for school each morning, so he let me sleep in for a bit until I needed to get up and ready for a doctor’s appointment. For once, I did not have to rush to make it on time. which is not the norm.

I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is a fancy way of saying my body attacks my thyroid and I have to have my TSH levels checked every six months so appropriate adjustments can be made to the medication I take every single day. My usual doctor was not in today, so I was attended to by her Nurse Practioner, Deborah Van Dyke, who was dressed up as Waldo. It was quite entertaining.

After the appointment, I spent more time working on PL, then picked up the girls so they could come home, have dinner (Jimmy John’s), and get ready for trick or treating. Ella’s fox face paint was way more complicated than it needed to be, which put us behind and we were late meeting up with Kyle, Chase and Charlie.

We don’t trick or treat in our own neighborhood. We just leave our lit jack o’ lanterns on the porch and head to Cedar Falls and the neighborhood Kyle and Lori used to live in. Most of the families have kids, so easily three quarters of the houses entertain Halloween revelers. It takes about an hour to work the block and the girls end up with massive amounts of candy. The adults chitchat along the way and a good time is had by all.

It was chilly when we started, but once the sun went down, it got down right cold. The kids basically ran from house to house, partly because they were excited, but mostly to keep themselves warm.

Once we are done trick or treating, we visit family – Jason’s mom and sister (newly home with baby Callum), Dayna’s parents, sister and niece, and aunt and uncle. It was fun to see the little ones in their Halloween costumes. Evie was an adorable pumpkin.

Halloween is my favorite holiday and it is always great to spend it with family and friends.


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