Week in the Life – Saturday

WITL - Saturday

1 November 2014

The story of Saturday is that is it a quiet day.

The only excitement today was that Jason was able to snag tickets for the Snowflake Express on December 6th, which is a train ride with treats and Santa. The girls have never been on a train, so I am looking forward watching them experience it for the first time.

Jason gets off work at 6:45 AM. When he works overtime, his Saturday is overnight Friday night, which means he needs to sleep during the day when he gets home. The girls and I need to be quiet so he can sleep, which is easier said than done.

The girls are pretty close in age, being only 16 months apart, but they are as different as night and day. Sometimes, Ella is gasoline to Sophie’s lit match and explosions occur, leaving every one charred and bruised. Most days, however, they get along just fine. Thank God, today was one of those days. They played well together, self-managed their volume and it was generally a pleasantly quiet day.

I did let the girls sort through their candy and had them lay it all out so I could snap a pic. Then the trading began. Ella has braces and can’t eat Starbursts, Skittles, Milk Duds (which is a travesty if you ask me) or Laffy Taffy. So they each pull out what they don’t want and exchange for something they do want. I was surprised at how well this went. I expected explosions and there were none.

The girls spent the afternoon ready, playing quietly, or watching movies while I worked on the last bit of pre-WITL PL that needed done. I was very proud of them for keeping quiet so Jason could get the rest he needs.

Dinner was hamburgers, potato salad, and fresh tomatoes, with ice cream for dessert.

Once the girls were in bed, Jason took a catnap while I began working on my WITL layouts. I have been spending massive amounts of time scrapbooking, but absolutely love the way it looks and the picture it gives of the life of the Family Holm.


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