OLW 2015 – January

About the time I found Project Life back in late 2013, I found Ali Edwards and her One Little Word project. The concept of OLW is to choose a word to focus on for an entire year, then work through monthly prompts (words, pictures or art) designed to help you connect with your word and bring it into all aspects of your life. I was drawn to OLW as a way to live more intentionally and loved the idea of having something to act as a lens with which to view the world and my place in it. 

Ali provides a framework for what to do (she participates right along with the rest of us) as well as handouts and printables, but you are encouraged to do your own thing and make the prompts work for you.

I had such an amazing experience with OLW last year (my word was BLESSED) that when it came time to sign up for 2015, I didn’t hesitate.

My word for 2015 is INCANDESCENT – a big, shiny, slightly scary word that I am very much looking forward to spending time with. 

The January OLW prompt is all about digging into your word – getting to know it and understand it at a deeper level than just the standard definition and coming up with ways that you want your word to interact with your life. 

Here’s my take on the January prompt. 


PL 2015 – Weeks 9 & 10

Shipping delays, due to inclement weather, meant I didn’t get March’s PL kit from Studio Calico until the 10th. I filled my time working on OLW and helping Ella start her PL 2015 album. (more on both of those projects will be coming soon). Once my kit was in hand, both pages came together rather quickly. 

PL 2015 – Week 9

We are all trying to get back into some semblance of a normal schedule now that the play is over. Daylight Savings Means more time outside for the girls, but only after homework is done. Home cooked meals are once again feasible and I found a new recipe, Sausage Bake, that was especially tasty and made enough for both brunch and dinner. 

Week 9 Title Card

I am really enjoying the lovely blues and greens of the Odyssey Project Life kit. My title card for Week 9 features SC Colored Vellum Leaves, which at nicely with the cards and embellies in Odyssey. 

PL 2015 – Week 10

A week of randomness. Girl Scout Cookies followed the 10th Doctor accompanying me home from Barnes and Noble, interspersed with doctor’s appointments, a carwash, two movies and general silliness. 

7 AM/7PM Challenge

In addition to my Studio Calico PL kit, I also subscribe to Ali Edwards’ Story Kits, which are just amazing! This month’s theme was AM/PM and Ali threw out a prompt to document you day at 7 AM and 7 PM. This was my take. 

And just a short note on Night at the Museum. I grew up with Robin Williams. I remember fondly watching Mork and Mindy as a little girl and I’ve seen pretty much everything he has done since. He was an absolute joy to watch. My heart broke when he passed away. So I knew going in, that this was going to be a tough movie to watch, especially given the story line. I was right. I had tears rolling down my cheeks well before the end of the movie and they didn’t stop for awhile after. I am not sure if it’s okay to grieve for someone you’ve never met, but I did on Tuesday. And I think it will be awhile before I watch another movie with Robin Williams in it. 

Page Construction Notes

With the exception of the 7 AM/7 PM photo above, both pages were completed with Studio Calico’s Odyssey PL Kit and Becky Higgins Design A page protectors. 

The 7 AM/7 PM photo was created using PicStitch and embellies from Ali Edwards’ AM/PM Story Kit. 

PL 2015 – Weeks 5-8

So it seems my personal style for PL is picture-heavy inspirational with a large dose of pop culture. I prefer to let my pics do the talking, whether via images or words within images. I would much rather grab a pic of a movie poster, tv show, or band off the web than a dimly lit, low res one of the event itself. I’ll save the pics of the girls and my family for when I have better light. Light always makes it easier to catch the zaniness that abounds when the Holm, Browne, and Kischer clans gather. As for the quotes, I am constantly on the look out for ones that speak to me and follow several sites on Facebook that provide an seemingly endless supply. 

In the end, my PL is not only a visual representation of the life of my family, but also a love letter to my daughters’ future selves. One day, when they have children of their own, they can look through the albums I’ve made and see how truly special they are and how very much I love them. That’s why I do Project Life. 

PL 2015 – Week 5

Much of the later part of February was taken up with the play Ella was in, but we were able to fill the first week with Confirmation, the Super Bowl, cuddles with cats, visits with family, and a Spelling Bee. 

PL 2015 – Week 6

This really was an off week. I took absolutely no pictures of anyone or anything. Between work, the play, and week three of a new exercise program, something had to give. I did manage to gather some amazing quotes, so at least the week wasn’t a total loss. 

PL 2015 – Week 7 

My sis came to visit and taught both Ella and I about the wonders of dry shampoo. I got a few hairs cut off. Production runs of BHCT’s Snow White began. And that gold? That, my friends, is my first attempt at the impasto technique featured in Wilna Furstenberg’s Color Theory class over at Studio Calico. 

PL 2015 – Week 8

With the exception of a day off to watch the Oscars, the remainder of the week was consumer by all things Snow White – 5 school shows, 4 regulars performances (and an Invitational Dress), 4 wigs, 3 make up applications, 2 scene changes, a super fast wig removal, a tree, a squirrel, and too many meals on the fly. We made new friends, enjoyed spending time with old ones, and look forward to doing it all over again soon. 

PL 2015 – Snow White

Stellar cast + fabulous director + great crew = amazing experience! 

PL 2015 – Snow White Insert

Some of the memorabilia from Snow White and Ella’s production notes. 

Page Construction Notes

All my pages were created using Becky Higgins Design A page protectors and Studio Calico’s Cirque Project Life kit. 

PL 2015 – Weeks 0-4

Sharing weeks 0-4 of my PL 2015 album. 

My Project Life week runs Sunday through Saturday. Not sure why that is other than that was the way I saw a lot of others doing theirs when I first started back in 2014 and it’s habit now. I don’t really consider Sunday the start of the week, but I have been planning out my days on Sunday night, so maybe it is after all. 

With that being said, I decided to give January 1st, 2nd and 3rd their own spread as Week 0, so as to not end up with a 53rd week in December. 

PL 2015 – Week 0

We were up in the Twin Cities, visiting my sister and her family, until the 2nd. The carosel pics are from a mall we visited so the girls could spend some of their Christmas gift cards. There was also an unfortunate Icee incident, but that is a story for another time. 

When we finally made our way home, we went over to visit the Evans family for dinner and a football game. Chris and Carrie are the girls’ godparents and always go out of their way to make the girls feel special and loved. Awesome family and awesome friends! 

PL 2015 – Week 1 

This was my birthday week and I was treated to gourmet chocolate covered strawberries, a hand made diorama of the scene in Nightmare Before Christmas where Jack discovers the holiday trees, and the most lovely sundogs. Fantasia 2000 also appeared on Netflix, so I was able to watch the Firebird Suite, which is not only musically beautiful, but visually glorious as well. 

PL 2015 – Week 2

This was a mixed bag of a week. Our whole family enjoyed following Tommy Caldwell’s and Kevin Jorgeson’s progress as they attempted the world’s first free climb of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall at Yosemite. It was thrilling to see them succeed.  Also, President Obama made a visit to the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area to tout CFU’s speedy internet service, Ella and I made Oatmeal Scotchies, and the girls watched the movie Labyrinth for the first time. 

PL 2015 – Week 3

We purchased a family membership at the Cedar Valley Sportsplex, allows Jason and I to work out while the girls go swimming. That’s a win-win for all involved.

 The highlight this week though, was watching Alice in Chains perform for the NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and the Packers. Granted, half time commentary took place over over the performance, but video soon surfaced so I could watch what I’d only been able to partially hear before. It rocked! 

PL 2015 – Week 4 

The girls were superheroes one of the days of Catholic Schools Week. They came up with the costumes themselves, since I lack the skills necessary to sew anything other than a button. And Ella pulled out an old friend when she had a rough day at after school care. Oh, and I brought some needed attention to my One Little Word INCANDESCENT. 

Page Construction Notes

All my pages were created using Becky Higgins Design A page protectors and Studio Calico’s Far Far Away Project Life kit. 

The President Obama and Tygie photo collages were created with the Project Life App.

The “I love this word” stamp on the Week 4 INCANDESCENT pic is from Ali Edwards’ One Little Word mini kit.