OLW 2015 – January

About the time I found Project Life back in late 2013, I found Ali Edwards and her One Little Word project. The concept of OLW is to choose a word to focus on for an entire year, then work through monthly prompts (words, pictures or art) designed to help you connect with your word and bring it into all aspects of your life. I was drawn to OLW as a way to live more intentionally and loved the idea of having something to act as a lens with which to view the world and my place in it. 

Ali provides a framework for what to do (she participates right along with the rest of us) as well as handouts and printables, but you are encouraged to do your own thing and make the prompts work for you.

I had such an amazing experience with OLW last year (my word was BLESSED) that when it came time to sign up for 2015, I didn’t hesitate.

My word for 2015 is INCANDESCENT – a big, shiny, slightly scary word that I am very much looking forward to spending time with. 

The January OLW prompt is all about digging into your word – getting to know it and understand it at a deeper level than just the standard definition and coming up with ways that you want your word to interact with your life. 

Here’s my take on the January prompt. 


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