PL 2015 – Week 12

Now that we are past Spring Break, we are on the downhill slide to the end of the school year. The days are both longer and warmer, which means Ella and Sophie would much rather be outside than in doing homework. 

This week, Sophie’s GS Troop held a “What I’m Proud Of” meeting, which was entertaining and slightly disturbing considering Ella’s performance included scantily clad Barbies. 

I also discovered a new Kickstarter campaign for a graphic novel titled Victoria Jr. by Manny Trembley. It’s a collection of short stories about about a young girl who is adopted by a family of monsters. Anyone who knows me is well aware I am overly fond of Halloween and monsters, so I could not resist backing this project, especially after seeing the artwork.  I encourage you to check it out.

PL 2015 – Week 12 


Here’s a close up of my Week 12 title card, which I am especially tickled with.  


I also asked Ella and Sophie to create PL cards for me. I think the both did a fabulous job. 

Ella’s PL Card 

Sophie’s PL Card 

Page Construction Notes

I am using SC’s Odyssey PL kit with Becky Higgins Design A page protectors. I used the Project Life App for the “What I’m Proud Of” cards.  


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