OLW 2015 – March

We were tasked with creating action items for March’s OLW prompt. Ten of them to be exact. 

Now, I thought this would be a hard one to complete. Ten action items for the remainder of 2015, each centered on my word INCANDESCENT. Yeah, that could be tough. I’ve been struggling with what exactly it means to be incandescent. Maybe I could settle for five and put a cool pic or quote on the back side of the sheet so it doesn’t mess with the aesthetic of my OLW binder.  Yeah, that will work. 

So, plan in place, I sat down to write my action items. Come to find out, I’d worried for nothing. I had no trouble at all coming up with all ten items. Sure, some of them are subtle variations of each other – shades, if you will – but I think I did a pretty good job of finding some things that will help me find the INCANDESCENT that I have hidden within me. And I’m looking forward to diving into these actions in the months to come. 

Action Items 1 – 5


Action Items 6 – 10



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