PL 2015 – Week 15

So this is the first month I’ve purchased printable journaling cards for the SC PL add-on kits. And boy, did I need them. The Lisse Street kit is full of pretty blues, greens, and grays, but it also had a lot of floral, which I just am not all that partial to. 

The add-ons offered some additional options, especially in 4×6 cards, so the printables seemed a good compromise since I couldn’t justify spending the money on the physical kits, especially since most if the other stuff in them would go into my stash and most likely never get used. I think all of the cards in this week’s page, except for one, are printables.  

We found out this week that Ella has been chosen to sing at the 2015 Gold Star Teacher Awards in May. Now Ella is not my singer (she does, however, play a mean clarinet), but this is a pretty big honor since she is one of only two students chosen from St. Edward School. In addition, one of the honorees this years the band teacher helping her learn to play that mean clarinet, Jordan Sadecki. So, even though Ella does not like singing all that much, she is excited to see her teacher receive this award and decided to participate. As a mama, I am pretty proud and think this will be a wonderful experience for her. I am sure I’ll share more as the ceremony approaches. 

One other notable thing this week was SC’s Sneak Chat. The community at SC is a fabulous one and that was never more apparent than at Sneak Chat. You never quite know where the conversation will go and it went some pretty interesting places this month (my favorite = THE MOONICORN!). We were pretty fortunate to have an up and coming artist Brandi, aka Brandeye8, join the chat and doodle the action. She managed to capture the random craziness of the conversation in a way that is whimsically delightful. I’ve included a full sized image of her doodle below. I can’t help but smile every time I look it. Please check out Brandi’s blog, things you should know for now and Etsy shop, The Shiny Bits. She’s pretty amazing! 

 PL 2015 – Week 15 

  Brandi’s Sneak Chat Doodle

 Page Construction Notes 

Studio Calico’s Lisse Street PL kit, as well as printable journaling cards from the Lily and Hyacinth add-ons. Page protector is Becky Higgins Design A. 


One thought on “PL 2015 – Week 15

  1. brandi says:

    This is such a great layout! Thank you for including a bit of my work in it, too – you make my doodles looks awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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