OLW 2016 – January


It’s hard to believe that we are already more than a month into the new year. I feel like I am just now starting to get my mojo back after the somewhat lackluster end to 2015. 

Rather than jump right back into the swing of things with all my regularly scheduled projects on January 1, I decided to take a nice long look at my life – a deep dive into where I am right now, at this moment in time. It was a slow and arduous process, but I think I have finally managed to gain some clarity around just who I am and who I want to be. Now that I have a firm grasp on that, I feel I can finally make some of those goals and plans I talked about in my last post. 

What it all boils down to is I really don’t want to live the same damn year over and over again for the rest of my life. There are things I’ve always wanted to do that have yet to be done and I keep letting the monotony of daily life drag me down into some twisted version of Groundhog Day. Only I don’t have Bill Murray along to make it at all entertaining. 

I once had dreams and aspirations, and regardless of the choices I’ve made to get me where I am today, every single one of those dreams and aspirations is still there.  They’ve just been in stasis, waiting for me to get out of my own damn way and bring them to fruition. 

My One Little Word for this year is FOCUS. I need to FOCUS on what matters most – family, creative endeavors, memory keeping, and my home in order. That’s what is important to me right now in 2016 and that’s what has always been important to me. 

With that in mind, I’ve come up with six intentions for 2016. Six things that I will FOCUS my time and attention on, even if it means saying no to other things. Each of those intentions has detailed plans and timelines, which I’ve noted in Indigo (my bullet journal) where I can see and revisit them everyday and begin to take the hundreds of smalls actions needed to make them happen. 

I have a motto this year, as well. One that I hope helps me keep my FOCUS. It’s “Mission Over Mood.” I know what I want. I am the only one who can make it happen. “Mission Over Mood”  and a lot of hard work will get me there.

OLW 2016 – January   


One thought on “OLW 2016 – January

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