OLW 2016 – February

For OLW this month, we’ve been invited to pick one thing to practice for the entire month. 

Since I’d already decided that I am going to complete at least one crafty class a month in 2016 and had picked February to work through Studio Calico’s Love Your Lettering class, I’ve decided to practice my handwriting daily. 

It seems fortuitous, then, that I found the #RockYourHandwriting challenge on Instagram. Hosted by @boho.berry, @decadethirty, @prettyprintsandpaper, and @tinyrayofsunshine, you are given 29 prompts to help you work on developing the skill that is handwriting. 

 #RockYourHandwriting Prompts 

As for my OLW creative prompt, I am keeping that super simple. I am still working in my original 8.5 x 11 album and decided to just pull the images over into a Word doc, make them bigger to fit a whole page, and shove them them in a page protector.  I can just pull out the sheet to mark my progress and I will have plenty of room to write my reflection for the month when I’m done. 

 OLW 2016 – February 

At the best of times, I think I have pretty decent handwriting. At the worst of times, it’s still not all that bad. My family, however, struggles to read it either way, so I am looking forward to spending this time practicing. I am hoping to learn to slow down and take my  time forming letters and how better to space them on the page.  To keep it simple, I’ll be adding all the prompts to Indigo (my bullet journal) as I go and I’ll be posting them to my Instagram account – I’m dayna.holm, if you’d like to follow along. 


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