PL 2016 – Week 2

Mmmm, what to say about the second week of January? Well, besides one amazing bowl of chili on Sunday, it left much to be desired. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but I love books, music, and movies.  As an introvert who tries to hide it, mostly without success, they are absolutely vital to me. I’d much rather spend time with musicians, actors, authors, and fictional characters I’ll never meet than with actual real live people. Because, you know, sometimes real people suck. But those people I’ll never meet? Man, they are always there and they never let me down. They are like one big extended tribe of misfits and wanderers who somehow manage to make me feel that it’s okay to be exactly who I am. 

David Bowie and Alan Rickman were a part of that tribe. Favorite friends who travelled the world and did super cool things then came ’round unexpectedly throughout the years to regale me with their stories and adventures. 

Bowie was a constant presence as I grew up. I was all about MTV back in the day, when it actually lived up to its name. His music/videos exposed me to sights and sounds that were new and exciting and different from just about anything else. Beyond that, he was my Goblin King. I’d have gladly stayed in that M.C. Escher castle with him if he’d asked. 

Rickman was there as well blowing up skyscrapers and canceling Christmases. And the scene in Deathly Hallows where Snape finds Lily? That, my friends, was the only time I cried in the whole of the Harry Potter movie series. Not when Fred died, nor Lupin and Tonks. Just that one moment of utter despair and devastation crafted so brilliantly by a phenomenal actor. 

To lose both men within days of each other was just heartbreaking. They were absolutely amazing and stolen from us way too soon.  

PL 2016 – Week 2 


Page Construction Notes

  • Becky Higgins Picturesque Core Kit designed by Heidi Swapp
  • Becky Higgins Design A page protectors
  • Ali Edwards’ Storytelling  Class Kit (no longer available)
  • The Bowie quote was lettered by Cindy Guentert-Baldo (@llamaletters on IG). 
  • The Always image is an art print by Earthlightened. 

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