Day in the Life – 3.29.16 – Afternoon

Picking up where I left off…

1:35 PM – A little shopping on lunch break. Picked up a brush for Sophie and a few shirts at Lane Bryant for me. With a coupon and gift card, I got $175 worth of clothes for $69.   

1:53 PM – Another shadow picture as I walk in from lunch.  

1:54 PM – Lunch. Steak and cheese on Italian with peppers, onions, salt & pepper with a bag of Doritos, a drink, and a white chip macadamia nut cookie.   

5:05 PM – A final parking lot selfie as I head home for the day.   

5:06 PM – Obligatory car selfie, take 2. I enjoy the ride home from work. I hook up my iPhone and listen to my ‘Dayna’s Faves’ playlist on Spotify. Today’s selections for my commute? Highly Suspect’s Lydia, Pink’s Who Knew, and Alice in Chains’ Would?.   

5:25 PM – Jason usually has dinner ready when I get home. Tonight it’s tacos (it is Tuesday). I eat quickly so I can run Ella to her clarinet lesson.    

5:40 PM – Obligatory car selfie, take 3. I’ve been trying, without success, to get Ella to smile just once today. I almost had her here in the car. Sometimes, you have to bring the silly to get the smile.    

6:05 PM – And in the bowels of Russell Hall, it appears! The most magical and rare of all things lately, an Ella smile.  Okay, it was more a smirk of amusement, but whatever, I’ll take it. I captured it in the wild and it is mine!  

6:40 PM – On the way home, Rock 108 teased me with a snippet of AIC’s Man in a Box as part of one of their promos, which means I now needed to hear the whole song. That lead to listening to Down in a Hole as well.  Ella is game for both and I make sure to point out my favorite part of the Down in the Hole, a guitar lick at the very end – 4:24 minutes in, if you are wondering (and no I didn’t have to check just now to see when it actually occurs in the song. I did that years ago, so I could back it up and play just that one lick over an over again. Ah, to be young and obsessive. Or 42 and obsessive…but I digress). Then I tell her that it makes me sad that the guitarist never actually plays that lick live. And I imagine how it would play out, if I ever happened to meet Jerry Cantrell and was capable of meaningful conversation, to explain how much I dig it.  “Hey, you know that one lick you played on the original studio recording of Down in a Hole from 25 years ago?” “Wait, what? 25 years?” questions my ever astute daughter. I explain that I’ve been listening to Alice in Chains since I was 16. Ella’s response? “Man, they are old!” Yes Ella. Yes, they are, but they are still making damn good music and that’s everything.  

6:58 PM – Ella and I arrive home to find that Sophie has invited RoRo, the next door neighbor boy in to play a little Minecraft. I still don’t get the appeal of the game, but it keeps them occupied so I can attend to other matters.   

7:03 PM – Other matters. The Kitty Collective has ensconced themselves upon my bed. They do this nightly, with nary a care as to what anyone else wants to do there… 

7:05 PM – …so we work around them.   

7:15 PM – Jason, multitasking. He is playing Pirate 101 on the computer, reading the Philokalia, and listening to a podcast about X-Wing, a Star Wars themed miniatures game.    

Thus ended my afternoon. One more installment to go to wrap up my DITL recap. 


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