Day in the Life – 3.29.16 – Morning

I played along with one of my favorite Ali Edwards projects, Day in the Life, and documented my Tuesday. I ended up with 55 pictures, all taken with my iPhone 6, that I converted to b&w for something different. I purchased Ali’s DITL kit so I am going to let that be my color when I add the pics to my PL album. 

6:05 AM – The alarm on my iPhone goes off. Ed Sheeran singing about fire and Smaug rouses me from sleep to wakefulness.   

6:15 AM – I snooze for 10 minutes then decide to finally greet the day.  

6:25 AM – It’s time to wake up the girls…   

6:28 AM – …but since they both stayed up way past bedtime reading, neither is eager to leave the warm cocoon of their bed.   

6:30 AM – While the girls get moving, I guide Sophie through the process of picking out clothes for school. 

6:32 AM – On my way back downstairs, I discover that Ella’s sleeping bag has again gobbled up socks. I forceably remove them so they can join their brethren in the laundry.   

6:35 AM – Sophie makes it downstairs first, but still isn’t awake and cuddles up in my bed.  

6:37 AM – Ella joins her minutes later.  This is the only time this morning that they manage to get along. That late night produced grumpy girls this morning. And grumpy girls like to pick fights. 

6:40 AM – Before I shower and get ready for the day, I pour a bowl of cereal for Sophie so she can eat while Ella gets dressed. I’ve learned the hard way that the less interaction they have with each other in the morning, the better.   

7:10 AM – Freshly showered and dressed to the shoes (love my Chucks), I just need to do my hair and make-up.  

7:12 AM – Hair is up first and, as it is naturally stick straight, I apply some product to help my chemically achieved curls maintain their shape. This stuff does the trick and has an awesome name besides.   

7:15 AM – I am a Clinique girl and have been since college.  And no, not all of these get used as part of my morning routine.  

7:18 AM – Sophie has a minor meltdown while attempting to comb her hair because a) it’s Tuesday and therefore band day and band day sucks; b) she has to go to school and school sucks; c) her hair is tangled and the brush won’t work, so they both suck; d) Ella looked at her funny and she sucks; e) she is tired and life sucks; f) all of the above, at the same time.   

7:19 AM – Meanwhile, Ella is ready to go which means she can chill in my bed and be an instigator.   

7:20 AM – All set for the day.  

7:21 AM – Saying goodbye, good night, and thank you to Jason, who is just home from work and heading to bed for the day but made the girls’s lunch before we leave so I don’t have to. 

7:25 AM – Obligatory car selfie. As you can see, Ella is thrilled. We have a fascinating conversation about tricksy hobbitses on the drive to school.  

7:37 AM – On Tuesdays, Sophie is dropped off first for band practice (the one pic I missed). Ella gets dropped off after and warned me that I was not allowed to take a picture of her walking into school. I told her I make no promises and took one anyway. 

7:40 AM – Some people drink coffee in the morning. I have a Coke from McDonalds.  

7:55 AM – I arrive at work. I like to park in the last row of the front section of the lot.   As I make my way to the building, I catch a glimpse of my shadow and decide a picture of it would be an awesome addition to DITL.   

7:56 AM – Due to the nature of the business we do at the company I work for, pictures of the interior of the building are not really an option. The best I can do is a picture of the exterior, so here you go.   

10:30 AM – My first break and a chance to play with my new brush pen. I’ve set a goal to work on my hand lettering skills and like to use this time to practice. I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a novice.  

My DITL recap will have two more installments. Check back soon for pics of my afternoon and evening. 


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