PL 2016 – Week 3&4

The end of January was pretty low key. 

The highlight of Week 3 for me was an adorable kitten video where said kitten attempts to scoop up digital fish from a phone. Oh, and a fabulously absurd conversation about Black Widow spiders in Iowa. 

PL 2016 – Week 3

The highlights of Week 4 were Ella’s first band concert as a member of the Hoover Middle School Concert Band and being chosen as a member of the ARC team for the release of Melanie Harlow’s new book Some Sort of Love. 

PL 2016 – Week 4

We also had our first monthly Holm Family outing at Planet X in Cedar Rapids. Jason and the girls enjoyed rock climbing and Laser Tag and we played an emotional game of goofy golf. 

PL 2016 – January Holm Family Outing

Page Construction Notes

  • Becky Higgins Picturesque Core Kit designed by Heidi Swapp
  • Becky Higgins Design A Page Protectors
  • Becky Higgins Halloween Themed Card Set
  • Ali Edwards’ Storytelling Class Kit (no longer available)

3 thoughts on “PL 2016 – Week 3&4

  1. Michelle says:

    It’s always an interesting insight seeing your project life pages.


  2. Karen M says:

    really love the journaling you do, esp on a week where there was not ‘much’…but kitten pic is tooo cute!


  3. Catherine says:

    I love all the journaling you do. I need to be better about telling the story.


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