PL 2016 – Weeks 10 & 11

Week 10: 

  • Downton Abbey ended after 6 glorious seasons. I shall miss it terribly.  
  • Gus really is a gorgeously photogenic cat yet also insanely moody. 
  • It’s amazing when you have a PL card that is so perfect for the time your daughter tells you adults shouldn’t use the word ‘adorbs.’
  • Even short visits with family are better than none at all. 

PL 2016 – Week 10

Week 11:

  • Jason decided to try a French press with a new flavor of coffee – Verena Street’s Mississippi Grog
  • Enjoying the muted greens and oranges of Ali Edward’s newest Day in the Life kit as I prepare to join in the fun in a few weeks. 
  • And a lovely reminder from Bill Watterson, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, that life is what you make it. 

PL 2016 – Week 11

Page Construction Notes

  • Becky Higgins Picturesque Core Kit designed by Heidi Swapp
  • Becky Higgins Design A Page Protectors
  • Chipboard stars from Studio Calico

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