PL 2016 – Week 14 & Wizard World Comic Con-Madison

First things first.

I met the Doctor. Yes, for real. Ten himself – David Tennant. Here’s proof. 

Me with David Tennant

Yes, he was charming. Yes, his smile was dazzling. Yes, he smelled divine. Yes, that is his arm around me (and though you can’t see it, mine is around him as well). Yes, that sweater is glorious. Yes, surprisingly, he is taller than he looks on TV. And yes, it was amazeballs ! 

Here’s the back story…

My sister, Melanie, decided she wanted to go on an adventure and asked if I wanted to tag along. She searched high and low for just the right opportunity – Scotland being the frontrunner for a time – but when it was announced that Ten would be appearing at Wizard World Comic Con in Madison, well there really was no other option. We’d found our adventure. 

But it seemed it was not meant to be. You see, obtaining tickets turned out to be a little more difficult than anticipated as the first batch of David Tennant VIP packages sold out before we even had a chance to buy ours. And this was five months before the event! Oh well, back to the drawing board, we thought. But our hearts weren’t really in it. Our hopes had been dashed. Or so we thought. 

It was a lovely day in mid February when I saw the post on Facebook: 

We did not pass GO, we did not collect $200 dollars, we went directly to the Wizard World Comic Con website and purchased two David Tennant VIP packages for Madison, WI! Our adventure was back on! 

Roughly a month and a half later, I spent much of the 14th week of 2016 preparing for our visit to Madison. 

PL 2016 – Week 14

Now, my sister and I, while we can be obsessive, are not your typical fan girls. Neither one of us had any intention of wailing or gnashing our teeth when we met David Tennant. But we did want to separate ourselves from everyone else. And that required t-shirts and a good story. 

The t-shirts were easy. Mandie Manzano does the most amazing stained glass inspired artwork and just happens to have done one of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. We had shirts made with the image (from an authorized seller, of course) and were good to go. T-shirts – check. 

The story? Well, that took some time to refine. Mel and I went ’round trying to come up with a unique story that was equal parts funny and memorable. This is what we settled on: When we were younger our dad watched a lot of Benny Hill and Monty Python on late night IPTV and really didn’t much bother with making sure his children weren’t exposed to the classic, raunchy British humor. It also meant that we were exposed to Doctor Who at a young age and thus, we were both beyond thrilled to see Doctor Who make a triumphant return after so many years away. That was it, our story in a nutshell. Establish bonafides- check. Praise new version of classic show – check. 

So finally, it was time. We both made our way to Madsion – Mel from the Twin Cities and me from Waterloo. We had a late lunch, checked into our hotel for the weekend, and then hit the Con. 

What can I say about a Comic Con? Well to start, it is equal parts comics, super heroes, goth, gaming, monsters, pop culture, cosplay, and kitsch all rolled into one. And just fantastic!  If you haven’t ever gone to one, I strongly recommend you make plans to do so. You won’t regret it. 

Friday night, Mel and I spent a few hours walking the convention floor and checking out all the vendor booths. We picked up gifts for our families and ourselves. We ran into the Girl in the Fireplace and a Dalek (Exterminate!) from Doctor Who as well as Joy, Disgust, and Sadness from Inside Out and got our picture taken with Iron Man. We discovered some phenomenal artists and too many amazing t-shirts! We had so much fun!

PL 2016 – Wizard World Comic Con 1

And Saturday was even better. It began with a lovely session with Billy Boyd, who taught us much about octopuses. River Song herself – Alex Kingston was also in attendance and we very much enjoyed her session. Jewel Staite – Firefly’s Kaylee – discussed her love of cheese, which was quite fitting in Wisconsin. 

PL 2016 – Wizard World Comic Con 2

But, by far, the best part of the day was our encounter, however brief, with David Tennant. The amount of time spent in the queue for the photo op was not at all proportional to the time spent in David Tennant’s presence. I think it was almost an hour to 45 seconds, a minute at the most and the autograph line was not much better. However, just those few short moments were magical. The man is funny and charming and just an absolutely lovely person. And I am happy to report that both the t-shirts (“I’ve not seen stained glass ones before,” said he) and the story (quite the wince at the mention of exposure to Benny Hill at such a young age as well as what seemed a heartfelt thank you at the praise for Doctor Who and his other work) played well.

David Tennant’s Autograph

And his session, which was also part of the VIP experience!! I can’t think of any other time in my life where I’ve simultaneously laughed and melted as much as I did listening to him talk. The man is intelligent, humble, and sexy as hell. I am so very glad I got the chance to meet him. 

PL 2016 – David Tennant

And what better way to follow up meeting David Tennant than finding a soulmate. 

We met Amber as we were shuffling seats before David Tennant’s session and became fast friends. No, seriously, Melanie and I adopted her in to the family within hours of meeting her. She just gets us. We all went to dinner and then dancing after the Con and had a blast! 

After a late start on Sunday, we still had plenty of time to meet up again with Amber and sneak in a one last photo op with Alex Kingston. 

Mel and me with Alex Kingston

And then, just like that, our adventure came to an end. Until next time… 

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