PL – Week 15 & Tough

This week was a study in the highs and lows of life. 

The High: Ella had an absolute blast playing clarinet with Dallas Brass who visited both Hoover and West to workshop with the band students. Dallas Brass performed a concert Tuesday night and the Junior High bands were invited to play a Star Wars medley with them. I was impressed with how much time Dallas Brass spent with all of the kids, how amazing everyone sounded and absolutely loved how excited Ella got about her instrument and performing. Yay! 

The Low: Exactly 24 hours after the Dallas Brass show, Ella broke her wrist skating on her dad’s too-fast roller blades. We now have an orthopedic surgeon on speed dial as this is the second time Ella fractured a bone near the growth plate (the first being her finger back in October 2015) which requires specialized care to ensure the bone heals correctly. Ella ended up in a cast for a month and thus no clarinet. Boo! 

PL 2016 – Week 15

A final note: I subscribe to Ali Edwards’ Story Kits/Story Stamps and have since their inception. While I have used some of the elements from random kits here and there, I’ve never created a whole layout from one of them. So I can’t decide if it was ominous or fortuitous that this month’s theme just happened to be ‘Tough.’ On the one hand, Ella broke her wrist and was in pain  and it sucked, but on the other hand, the experience turned into a pretty cool tradional scrapbook layout. 

PL 2016 – Tough

Here’s the text:

Ella is a strong girl. She is tough. We’ve taught her to be that way. Is it gonna fall off? No? Then suck it up and deal. It will be okay, so move on. Sometimes I wonder if we took it too far. Ella broke her wrist yesterday. She thought she was going to throw up when it happened, but did not cry even though it hurt. Badly. She would not give into the pain. So much so that her chest hurt from holding in the sobs. So much so that when the pain woke her up in the middle of the night, she refused to bother any one for more pain meds. So much so that she refused help to do anything she is used to doing by herself. So much so that she refused to even consider the possibility of taking the day off school or calling to come home early if the pain got to be too much. So much so that she refused to let us send pain meds to school for her to take later in the day if needed. So much so that she refused to let her dad or me see her finally give into the pain and let a few tears fall. No, she just quickly wiped them away and said she was fine. She’s not weak and will not let anything keep her from what needs done. Because she is strong. Tough. And she won’t let anyone convince her otherwise. 

Page Construction Notes

  • Becky Higgins Picturesque Core Kit designed by Heidi Swapp
  • Becky Higgins Design A Page Protectors 
  • Ali Edwards ‘Tough’ Story Kit and Story Stamp

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