Day in the Life – 07.30.16

For this edition of Day in the Life, our family was getting ready to head home from our vacation at my sister’s. That meant laundry, packing, cramming in a few last minute fun things to do, saying goodbye, a long drive home, and unpacking. Needless to say, this was a welcome change of pace from my last DITL. 

I again used the kit Ali Edwards created for this project and fully embraced the concept of taking one photo an hour. I set up alarms to go off every hour and then just let the day progress as it would. 

It’s always a dicey thing to be working on a photo project when you aren’t in your normal surroundings, but I made sure my family knew what I was doing and, for the most part, they happily played along.  

The layout for this one ended up being pretty simple, especially within the confines of the DITL kit and the fact that it needed to fit within my main PL album. It also helped that I had exactly 16 pictures. Overall, I really like how it all came together. 

DITL Layout #1

DITL Layout #2

Page Construction Notes

  • Becky Higgins Design A Page Protectors
  • Ali Edwards Day in the Life Kit

Day in the Life – 03.29.16

It’s done! Day in the Life took place on Tuesday and I put the final touches on my PL pages in the wee hours last night. To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement, but a good one. I am so proud of myself for showing up and just getting it done. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I ended up with 55 pictures of my day and made the decision early on that I wanted to include all of them. I just needed to figure out how to do it. 

After picking up my prints on Thursday, I quickly laid them all out and decided I would make four 2-page 12×12 spreads. I couldn’t get back to it until Saturday, so of course I started second guessing that decision. A few people posted their final DITL projects in the Craft Your Story with Ali Edwards group on FB and I really liked the idea of using inserts, so I thought I might give that a try. 

Unfortunately, I seems I am insert challenged, as I came to discover Saturday morning. I do have different sized page protectors in a few different orientations, but nothing that would allow me to include all the pics I’d taken, orientated as I’d taken them. Inserts were no go. 

I spent much of Saturday morning pondering what to do and finally decided to move forward with my original idea. Plan in hand, I opted to keep everything simple (photos and words, minimal embellishment) using only what was in Ali’s DITL kit. This would ensure all the pages told a cohesive story, but were set apart from the rest of my PL album. 

I did briefly consider adding in some journaling cards from my stash, but once I figured out how the words were going to make their way on the page, I no longer needed any additional filler. There were two stories that took more room to tell than was available on the front of a journaling card. I wrote both on the back of the card and added Post-It Filing Tabs so they can be pulled out and read as needed. I also supplemented Ali’s kit with some Twine & Ink puffy sticker dots (and yes, I am sure that is the technical name for them) in matching colors, white card stock, and a star punch. Oh, and a couple of Ali Edwards stamps as headers on my journaling cards. 

I would say all four layouts took about 6 hours to complete. The time stamp stars and the journaling were the most time consuming.

I really enjoyed documenting my day and I am beyond thrilled with how it all came together. Check it out below. 

DITL Layout # 1       

DITL Layout #2      

DITL Layout #3       

DITL Layout #4         

Page Construction Notes

  • Becky Higgins Design A Page Protectors
  • Ali Edwards Day in the Life Kit
  • Twine and Ink Puffy Dot Stickers
  • White card stock
  • Post-It Filing Tabs – 2 inch 
  • Ali Edwards Photos Stamp
  • Ali Edwards Storytelling Class Kit Stamp

Day in the Life – 3.29.16 – Night

The final installment of my DITL story. 

8:05 PM – Some days you just need ice cream before bed. The Flavor Burst cones 4 Queens Dairy Cream are the best! The girls get black cherry and I score a butter pecan. Jason is boring and gets a chocolate cone.     

 8:25 PM – A little down time before bed. Sophie’s playing Pirate 101 and Ella is making her way through Avengers: Age of Ultron for the 5th or 6th time.   

8:26 PM – Gus sure likes to pretend he’s fierce, but he loves to cuddle and use his humans as furniture. 

8:35 PM – Water cups and laundry in hand, it’s time to head up to bed. There may have been a stern warning to forego reading in favor of sleep.  

9:07 PM – Jason is taking a short nap before work, the girls are in bed, and I am working on editing some of the day’s photos. Oh, and acting as couch for Gus. Doesn’t he look adorable? Yeah, don’t let that fool you. He will hiss at me if I try to move, so I am essentially trapped until he decides to be done lounging on me.  

10:18 PM – It’s time for Jason to head to work for the night. As you can see, he allowed me one final picture. Doesn’t he look thrilled? Come to think of it, the Ella apple did not fall far from this tree right here.  

10:19 – The cats are banished to the basement every night  (the door to the girls’ bedroom stays closed during the day but I prefer to have it open at night. And since Gus will either mark Ella’s bed or snuggle Sophie awake at 5:00 AM if the cats are allowed upstairs, to the basement they all go). Three of the cats have accepted this fate. Dante, alas, has not. He will paw at the basement door and loudly sing the song of his people. All with the misguided hope that, somehow, someway, the door will magically open for him…. 

 10:21 PM – …but we’ve taken to latching it and his hopes are dashed. 

 10:23 PM – Alarm is set.  

 10:25 – Time to get ready for bed. It’s been a long day and this is calling my name.  

10:27 – My contacts come out first, then I wash and moisturizer my face and brush my teeth.  

10:41 – One last drink of H2o.   

 10:45 – Changing into bedclothes for the night and a vigorous back scratch is required. Yes, I own a back scratcher. I don’t mess around.  

11:00 PM – Even I like a little downtime before bed, usually with a good book. Tonight, it was Melody Grace’s Heartbreaker. 

11:15 PM – Lights out and good night.   

That’s it for March’s edition of Day in the Life. I had fun documenting my day and am looking forward to figuring out how to make it all work in my PL 2016 with Ali Edwards’ colorful kit. My pics are printed, I just need to find the time to play. I’ll be sure to post my layouts when they’re finished. 

Day in the Life – 3.29.16 – Afternoon

Picking up where I left off…

1:35 PM – A little shopping on lunch break. Picked up a brush for Sophie and a few shirts at Lane Bryant for me. With a coupon and gift card, I got $175 worth of clothes for $69.   

1:53 PM – Another shadow picture as I walk in from lunch.  

1:54 PM – Lunch. Steak and cheese on Italian with peppers, onions, salt & pepper with a bag of Doritos, a drink, and a white chip macadamia nut cookie.   

5:05 PM – A final parking lot selfie as I head home for the day.   

5:06 PM – Obligatory car selfie, take 2. I enjoy the ride home from work. I hook up my iPhone and listen to my ‘Dayna’s Faves’ playlist on Spotify. Today’s selections for my commute? Highly Suspect’s Lydia, Pink’s Who Knew, and Alice in Chains’ Would?.   

5:25 PM – Jason usually has dinner ready when I get home. Tonight it’s tacos (it is Tuesday). I eat quickly so I can run Ella to her clarinet lesson.    

5:40 PM – Obligatory car selfie, take 3. I’ve been trying, without success, to get Ella to smile just once today. I almost had her here in the car. Sometimes, you have to bring the silly to get the smile.    

6:05 PM – And in the bowels of Russell Hall, it appears! The most magical and rare of all things lately, an Ella smile.  Okay, it was more a smirk of amusement, but whatever, I’ll take it. I captured it in the wild and it is mine!  

6:40 PM – On the way home, Rock 108 teased me with a snippet of AIC’s Man in a Box as part of one of their promos, which means I now needed to hear the whole song. That lead to listening to Down in a Hole as well.  Ella is game for both and I make sure to point out my favorite part of the Down in the Hole, a guitar lick at the very end – 4:24 minutes in, if you are wondering (and no I didn’t have to check just now to see when it actually occurs in the song. I did that years ago, so I could back it up and play just that one lick over an over again. Ah, to be young and obsessive. Or 42 and obsessive…but I digress). Then I tell her that it makes me sad that the guitarist never actually plays that lick live. And I imagine how it would play out, if I ever happened to meet Jerry Cantrell and was capable of meaningful conversation, to explain how much I dig it.  “Hey, you know that one lick you played on the original studio recording of Down in a Hole from 25 years ago?” “Wait, what? 25 years?” questions my ever astute daughter. I explain that I’ve been listening to Alice in Chains since I was 16. Ella’s response? “Man, they are old!” Yes Ella. Yes, they are, but they are still making damn good music and that’s everything.  

6:58 PM – Ella and I arrive home to find that Sophie has invited RoRo, the next door neighbor boy in to play a little Minecraft. I still don’t get the appeal of the game, but it keeps them occupied so I can attend to other matters.   

7:03 PM – Other matters. The Kitty Collective has ensconced themselves upon my bed. They do this nightly, with nary a care as to what anyone else wants to do there… 

7:05 PM – …so we work around them.   

7:15 PM – Jason, multitasking. He is playing Pirate 101 on the computer, reading the Philokalia, and listening to a podcast about X-Wing, a Star Wars themed miniatures game.    

Thus ended my afternoon. One more installment to go to wrap up my DITL recap. 

Day in the Life – 3.29.16 – Morning

I played along with one of my favorite Ali Edwards projects, Day in the Life, and documented my Tuesday. I ended up with 55 pictures, all taken with my iPhone 6, that I converted to b&w for something different. I purchased Ali’s DITL kit so I am going to let that be my color when I add the pics to my PL album. 

6:05 AM – The alarm on my iPhone goes off. Ed Sheeran singing about fire and Smaug rouses me from sleep to wakefulness.   

6:15 AM – I snooze for 10 minutes then decide to finally greet the day.  

6:25 AM – It’s time to wake up the girls…   

6:28 AM – …but since they both stayed up way past bedtime reading, neither is eager to leave the warm cocoon of their bed.   

6:30 AM – While the girls get moving, I guide Sophie through the process of picking out clothes for school. 

6:32 AM – On my way back downstairs, I discover that Ella’s sleeping bag has again gobbled up socks. I forceably remove them so they can join their brethren in the laundry.   

6:35 AM – Sophie makes it downstairs first, but still isn’t awake and cuddles up in my bed.  

6:37 AM – Ella joins her minutes later.  This is the only time this morning that they manage to get along. That late night produced grumpy girls this morning. And grumpy girls like to pick fights. 

6:40 AM – Before I shower and get ready for the day, I pour a bowl of cereal for Sophie so she can eat while Ella gets dressed. I’ve learned the hard way that the less interaction they have with each other in the morning, the better.   

7:10 AM – Freshly showered and dressed to the shoes (love my Chucks), I just need to do my hair and make-up.  

7:12 AM – Hair is up first and, as it is naturally stick straight, I apply some product to help my chemically achieved curls maintain their shape. This stuff does the trick and has an awesome name besides.   

7:15 AM – I am a Clinique girl and have been since college.  And no, not all of these get used as part of my morning routine.  

7:18 AM – Sophie has a minor meltdown while attempting to comb her hair because a) it’s Tuesday and therefore band day and band day sucks; b) she has to go to school and school sucks; c) her hair is tangled and the brush won’t work, so they both suck; d) Ella looked at her funny and she sucks; e) she is tired and life sucks; f) all of the above, at the same time.   

7:19 AM – Meanwhile, Ella is ready to go which means she can chill in my bed and be an instigator.   

7:20 AM – All set for the day.  

7:21 AM – Saying goodbye, good night, and thank you to Jason, who is just home from work and heading to bed for the day but made the girls’s lunch before we leave so I don’t have to. 

7:25 AM – Obligatory car selfie. As you can see, Ella is thrilled. We have a fascinating conversation about tricksy hobbitses on the drive to school.  

7:37 AM – On Tuesdays, Sophie is dropped off first for band practice (the one pic I missed). Ella gets dropped off after and warned me that I was not allowed to take a picture of her walking into school. I told her I make no promises and took one anyway. 

7:40 AM – Some people drink coffee in the morning. I have a Coke from McDonalds.  

7:55 AM – I arrive at work. I like to park in the last row of the front section of the lot.   As I make my way to the building, I catch a glimpse of my shadow and decide a picture of it would be an awesome addition to DITL.   

7:56 AM – Due to the nature of the business we do at the company I work for, pictures of the interior of the building are not really an option. The best I can do is a picture of the exterior, so here you go.   

10:30 AM – My first break and a chance to play with my new brush pen. I’ve set a goal to work on my hand lettering skills and like to use this time to practice. I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a novice.  

My DITL recap will have two more installments. Check back soon for pics of my afternoon and evening.