Bringing Order to Chaos: One List to Rule Them All!

Life has been crazy busy and less than wonderful these past few weeks. As such, most of my creative endeavors fell by the wayside. Actually, things have been crazy busy these past few weeks, so most of my creative endeavors fell by the wayside, and life has been less than wonderful. 

Summer tends to do that to me. The crap that comes home from school in June combined with a relaxing of routines, two tweens at home for most of the day with no direction and abject boredom as companions, bursts of short family travels, then the lead up to the new school year all seem to congeal on my dining room table and somehow ooze out into the rest of our house, making simple things suddenly ridiculously chaotic. 

And I just don’t function well in chaos. It tends to make it harder me to do much of anything because I have no idea where to even start. But I want my space back. I want order and things to be in their designated homes. I want to be able to do the things I want to do without having to move a bunch of other stuff around. And I want the same for my family. 

So it was time for a list. As I never did get around to Spring Cleaning back in April or May, I decided to try a little Before School Cleaning. I swear I should just keep a master cleaning list on hand somewhere. Then I can just make a new copy when I need it again, which happens maybe once or twice a year. 

Now, while I am a fan of the scurryfunging method of cleaning – mostly because of the name, in practice it generally sucks – we are not expecting company anytime in the foreseeable future so I could take my time. I started a few weeks ago and scheduled just a few tasks each night, reserving the weekend for larger projects like my daughters’ room and the black hole that is our office. 

Slow and steady was my plan and I am happy to say that I am almost done! I have a few more things on my list to jam out this weekend and then I can get back to doing the things that make me happy – Project Life, OLW, lettering, calligraphy, painting, planning, blogging, reading, and maybe even some writing. 

With the girls back in school, and routines in place to keep things running smoothly, I’ll have more time to play and create. Which is as it should be. 

So tell me – how do you manage the chaos that is Summer Vacation?